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Pastor is being sought by Oda Police on suspicion of killing a married woman by burning


The Akyem Oda Divisional Police Command in the Eastern Region is detaining a self-styled man of God who is said to be in his early 50s for allegedly using anointing oil to burn a married woman to death.

Mrs. Ama Nkansah Appiah, 42, passed away on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at the Korle-bu teaching hospital in Accra after being transferred there from the Akyem Oda Government Hospital where she had suffered burns that were thought to have been caused by the aforementioned man of God. Pastor Isaac Okyeam, also known as Pastor Owusu, has been detained in connection with her death.


Adwoa Gloria, the deceased’s younger sister, described the circumstances surrounding the incident, stating that on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, her sister went to the residence of Pastor Isaac Okyeam, her alleged spiritual father, in Akyem Asawase, an area of Akyem Awisa in the Birim-South district of the Eastern Region, for consultations as is customary.

Adwoa Gloria added that all attempts by her husband and sisters to persuade her to reveal the cause of her predicament had failed, and that her sister had later that day returned home burnt and in a critical condition.

She was then transported to and kept at the Oda government hospital, but as her condition worsened there and she passed away unexpectedly, she was then sent to the Korle-bu teaching hospital in Accra.

She claimed that she was driven to find the cause of her sister’s death and that further revelations to the family pointed to her visit to the pastor as the source of the burns.

She passed away on Tuesday, according to Adwoa Gloria. “I took her dress and it reeked of the oil used by pastors, which raised the husband’s suspicion that the burns were not caused by petrol as previously suspected but rather a visit to a pastor,” she said.

Pastor Isaac Okyeam was accused of being involved in Adwoa’s killing by the deceased’s relatives, who approached him but he disputed the claim.

She narrated, “I led them to the area and it was apparent that my sister suffered the burns at his residence, for there was a bucket with a variety of oils of all types, candles, and a partially burnt mattress.

The aforementioned man of God was apprehended to aid the authorities in their inquiries based on these.

The fact that Pastor Okyeam had obvious burns on his right hand and leg has only heightened the suspicion that he was involved in the victim’s death.

Adwoa Gloria claims that additional investigations have shown that the pastor did in fact apply a spiritual oil during the course of their engagement when her sister visited him. The oil mysteriously caught fire, causing injuries to both of them that ultimately resulted in her sister’s death.

The case is still under police investigation.


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