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Passengers must make sure that drivers follow the rules of the road, says the GPRTU


Before, during, and after the Easter celebrations, passengers are urged to make sure that drivers follow the rules of the road in order to enhance safety and reduce the number of traffic accidents.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr. Godfred Abulbire Adogma, General Secretary of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), urged passengers to report drivers who exhibit illegal behaviour to the police in extreme circumstances.


He said that as a result of measures by the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), passengers are now able to report reckless driving by drivers of the cars they board in syndicates.

An announcement will be given to passengers explaining their rights and obligations in maintaining safety throughout the trip before a vehicle departs. The announcement being made in the driver’s presence gives him the confidence that the passengers can check him, so he will drive cautiously.

“Midway during the journey, a motorist may choose to pause to take a drink at a convenient location or disregard some safety rules. There were no police or authorities overseeing road safety at the time to enforce rules. The onus is on the passengers to insist that the driver acts morally, he stated.

The Union and the NRSA have started undertaking pre-departure checks at several transportation hubs to make sure that both the vehicles and the drivers are prepared to go, according to the general secretary.

“The new NRSA regulation calls for taking immediate disciplinary judgements or measures against stakeholders who refuse to follow the prescribed safety modules, the most important of which are the pre-departure checks. So, prior to a vehicle leaving on a trip, we examine the vehicle’s roadworthiness, the driver’s fitness and sobriety, and the presence of a second driver, among other things,” he stated.

Mr. Adogma stated that the Union was also pushing for a National Towing Policy to be made mandatory in order to ensure prompt removal of defective vehicles off the road by dialling toll-free lines.

In order to get drivers to subscribe to an online programme created to efficiently supply the service, he said that the Union was spearheading a “no subscription, no loading” campaign at their terminals.

Drivers would be required to pay an annual charge of GH50 for taxis, GH80 for “Trotros,” GH300 for air-conditioned coaches, and GH500 for articulated trucks, which would need to be renewed after expiry.

He said that he hoped the Easter season will be free of traffic accidents while wishing all Christians a happy and successful Easter celebration.


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