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Over 16,000 Ghanaian teachers apply to UK Department of Education


More than 16,000 Ghanaian instructors are looking for work in the United Kingdom’s education sector. Teachers apply for positions in 2023.

As a result, Professor Peter Quartey, Director of the Institute for Statistical, Social, and Economic Research (ISSER), is pushing the Ghana government to develop additional job options for teachers in order to minimize attrition.


He stated that the majority of instructors who sought greener pastures did so due to unemployment, low earnings, and terrible working circumstances, and he urged authorities to solve the concerns and assure improved learning results.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, the Professor stated that while the government could not stop migration, it could manage the problem.

“If the country has excess teachers, then it can export, but in a coordinated manner to maximize the benefits for the country,” he said.

Prof Quartey stated that the government might implement mechanisms and set quotas for instructors to move and pay remittances to the nation as part of a training cost-sharing arrangement.

He stated that the Philippines had done this not only in the education sector, but also in the health sector, and had attracted foreign inflows as a result.

The Registrar of the National Teaching Council, Dr. Christian Addai-Poku, expressed worry about the teacher turnover rate in 2023 and asked for a coordinated effort to remedy the problem.

Over 16,000 Ghanaian teachers have registered for jobs with the Department of Education in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2023, he claimed.

According to the Registrar, about 10,000 candidates with Ghana Teacher Licences were certified to work in the UK without requiring further assessment by the UK government by June 13, 2023.



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