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NPP NEC to determine the fate of Bimbilla Parliamentary Aspirant


The Northern Regional Vetting Committee of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has postponed to the National Election Committee (NEC) the decision on whether to approve or disqualify parliamentary contestant for the Bimbilla constituency, Alhaji Ahmed Zaruk Nuhu.

According to the Committee, despite attempts to resolve the aspirant’s concerns and the Vetting Committee’s generosity in extending the nomination deadline to allow the irregularities to be resolved, Alhaji Zaruk declined the offer for reasons best known to him.


“His refusal to adhere to the standard procedures and the subsequent refusal to take advantage of the vetting committee’s offer has left the committee no choice but to defer the decision to the National Election Committee”. The Northern Regional Secretary of the NPP, Prof. Hudu Zakaria, in a statement, “Following a resolution by the vetting committee, Alhaji Zaruk was granted an exceptional opportunity to rectify his incomplete nomination form at the Bimbila constituency office despite the closure of the nomination process”.

He stated that a regional delegation led by the Regional Second Vice Chairman, Alhaji Abdul Rahaman Mahama, as well as the Regional Secretary, Treasurer, and other officials, met at the aforementioned office on Sunday, 7th 2024, to supervise this procedure, and the regional delegation stayed at the office the Bimbila office from 10 am to 3 pm, awaiting Alhaji Zaruk’s arrival to complete and sign his nomination form.

“Unfortunately, after direct communication on the phone, Alhaji Zaruk told the delegation that he was declining the offer to complete his form at the constituency office, instead directing that the form be brought to his residence in Tamale before 5 pm. He later repeated the same demand in a press conference that the form be brought to his residence in Tamale before 5 p.m.”.

The Northern Regional Secretary of the NPP revealed that Alhaji Ahmed Zaruk Nuhu’s initial submission of his nomination form contained several irregularities, including incorrect entry of date of birth, voter ID number, and an unsigned section B, which is critical because it contains the contractual undertakings prohibiting aspiring parliamentary candidates from running as independent candidates or on the ticket of any other party in the 2024 elections.

“When the Constituency Research and Elections Officer drew his attention to the errors as the form was being submitted at the constituency office, he reluctantly corrected the wrong entries of the date of birth and the voter ID number and refused to sign the contractual undertakings section. As a result, the constituency office could not process his nomination form and deferred it to the region. At the region, a decision was made to invite him to explain why he refused to enter into the contractual undertakings as required of every aspiring parliamentary candidate before he could be invited for vetting”.

“When the vetting list was published without Alhaji Zaruk’s name, pending the decision on his refusal to sign the contractual undertakings, he instigated his supporters to vandalize the constituency party office. But when he appeared before the vetting committee on Thursday, the 4th of January 2024, with media coverage, he admitted that he did not complete section B due to an oversight. He then apologized to the party for spreading misinformation, which had led to the vandalism of the constituency party office by his supporters, most of whom were opposition party members, and pledged to repair the damage done to the party officer”.

Prof. Zakaria stated that the party takes the situation seriously and is committed to the election process’s integrity and fairness.

“We regret the inconveniences and disturbances that have arisen from this situation. We will continue to keep the public informed of any further developments and decisions made by the National Election Committee”.




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