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Nigerian art student breaks world record with 100-hour painting marathon


Chancellor Ahaghotu, a Nigerian art student at Atlanta’s Savannah College of Art & Design, has broken the record for the longest painting marathon.

He painted for an incredible 100 hours in a row, nearly surpassing Roland Palmaerts’ previous record of 60 hours achieved in 2013.


Chancellor stated that he intended to break the record in order to pursue his aim of being a known musician in the United States and throughout the world.

He had to adhere to the marathon’s guidelines, which required him to paint recognized imagery rather than abstract ones.

“Coming to the US, I dreamt of pursuing my art and building recognition,” Chancellor shared before his attempt.

Chancellor completed 106 paintings throughout the four-day marathon, including celebrities, cuisine, nature, animals, and more.

“Breaking this record would truly amplify my voice as an artist, both here at SCAD and on a global stage,” he added.

He painted a broken record player to commemorate his 60th hour, when he smashed the old record. Throughout the marathon, he stated his paintings expressed his feelings and emotions.

“For me, the beauty of these creations lies in how they mirror the different moods and emotions I was experiencing throughout the marathon,” Chancellor explains.

Chancellor was given five-minute breaks per hour of painting time, which he could utilize for restroom breaks, lunches, or sleeps. During his creative journey, these were the only times he could relax.

He became tired around the 88th hour, but he refused to abandon his aim of reaching 100 hours.

He completed his intended 100 paintings before the 100th hour, then painted several still lifes and a last self-portrait depicting his exhaustion.

When Chancellor finished the 100 hours, he felt excitement and triumph.

He described it as a fresh and proud experience, representing personal progress, creative aspiration, and pride for his school and nation.

“Completing the 100 hours brought immense joy and a sense of triumph. It was a completely new experience, and I’m incredibly proud of myself for pushing through. This achievement signifies personal growth, fuels my artistic aspirations, and brings honor to both my school and my country,” he said.




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