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Newmont clarifies arrest of farmers at Ahafo Mines


According to media reports, Newmont Africa conspired with the police to arrest several members of the Concerned Farmers Association at the mining site for its Ahafo North Project. Newmont Africa has refuted these claims.

Four farmers were detained on September 1, 2023, the company reported, after they disobeyed a court order and assaulted personnel, confirming the occurrence.


This came after a previous incident in which farmers headed by John Mensah vandalized a corporate car.

In a statement, Newmont said that, in accordance with legal and regulatory standards, it has gained access to more than 98% of the land needed to start the Ahafo North project’s development.

As a consequence of agreements, roughly 2,500 farmers and landowners have received compensation.

With the help of the Resettlement and Crop Rate Negotiation Committees, which were jointly formed by affected farmers, property owners, traditional leaders, as well as community and government officials, the corporation clarified this.

However, some 21 farmers who were members of the Concerned Farmers Association refused to follow the decision of the discussions and consequently denied to have their farms and structures counted.

“They have been uncooperative despite the extensive engagement and mediation efforts aimed at addressing their concerns, including interventions by eminent traditional chiefs, youth leaders, and other relevant stakeholders,” the statement read in parts.

According to Newmont, the group wants one-on-one talks, which may result in rates that are higher than those that were agreed upon and unjust recompense compared to the 2,500 farmers who have already received compensation.

The farmers have deliberately and violently obstructed the company’s and its contractors’ efforts to remove land, although Newmont said it has used good faith measures to defuse the situation.

The Ahafo North Project will continue to be developed responsibly, sustainably, and with proper consideration for the human rights of all those involved, according to Newmont Africa.

“The company respects and proactively engages in good faith dialogue to reach mutually acceptable solutions. The Ahafo North Project has therefore enjoyed strong community, regulatory, and broader stakeholder support and approval,” the statement noted.









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