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NDC Primaries: Delegates are livid by Dr Duffuor’s suit – Abraham Amaliba


The National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) Director of Legal Affairs, Abraham Amaliba, claims that the party’s delegates are dissatisfied with Dr. Kwabena Duffuor’s lawsuit seeking an injunction against the Saturday primary elections.

He claims that despite Team Duffuor’s assertion that the lawsuit is for the delegates’ benefit, many of them have already made preparations and think they would be significantly impacted if the injunction is granted.


Mr. Amaliba remarked on Joy FM’s Top Story: “Indeed the delegates are livid at the action brought by Dr. Duffuor. Our phones have been ringing all day and delegates have started moving to their centers. Those in island communities, who have to travel by river for a day and then go sleep over, have started moving, so, if you look at the combined effects and hardship, surely it is the party that will suffer.”

He added that “the delegates know how to resolve their issues so if they were excluded from any of the planning they would have petitioned the party. So this action is for their (Dr. Duffuor and his team’s) benefit alone. This action is mischievous, frivolous and meant to thwart the effort of the NDC.”

Following what he claims are certain errors his team has discovered in the party’s voters registration to be utilized for the exercise, Dr. Duffuor, a candidate for the presidential primary on Tuesday, launched a lawsuit against the party.

Dr. Duffuor claimed in a petition submitted to an Accra High Court that the party had broken party regulations by failing to deliver the necessary picture album register five weeks before to the elections.

Dr. Duffuor said that the party had ignored his plea to delay the elections until a complete picture album record was obtained.

He is requesting an interlocutory order from the court to prevent the May 13 elections from being held by the party and those who have been sued, including the General Secretary, Election Director, co-candidates John Mahama and Kojo Bonsu, and the Electoral Commission.

Following the lawsuit, the Electoral Commission (EC) said that it would not oversee the primary elections on Saturday, May 13, unless all legal matters pertaining to them were settled.

The EC claims that holding the primaries would be disrespectful to the legal system since it would be an act of contempt of court.

Mr. Amaliba said that the party’s request for a time abridgement had been approved. As a result, the injunction case hearing, which was previously set for Monday, May 15, has been postponed until Friday, May 12.

“We actually wanted Thursday but the registry indicated to us that that is difficult because of some issues relating to scanning of the processes that will have to take place. And the judge who is going to preside must have fore knowledge of the process, so the available time has been fixed for Friday,” he noted.


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