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NDC elections: Koku Anyidoho to be Duffuor’s agent


Samuel Koku Anyidoho, a former deputy general secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has declared he will serve as Dr. Kwabena Duffuor’s agent during the May 13 presidential primaries.

After being found guilty of misbehavior and anti-party behavior by the NDC disciplinary committee in 2021, Mr. Anyidoho was removed from the party.


However, Mr. Anyidoho described his removal from the party as simple persecution that is not based in law and is thus void when he spoke to the media in Koforidua on the sidelines of an event where he was a guest speaker.

He plans to participate in the forthcoming primaries since he still sees himself as a legitimate NDC member.

“Today is 6th of May technically we were supposed to be voting a week from today to elect Flag-bearer and our parliamentarians. I will vote in my capacity as a former national officer and a former appointee. I have a new a new card and let Asiedu Nketia come and remove my vote from the register.”

Dr. Duffuor’s endorsement was stated by Mr. Anyidoho, who also said that he would act as his representative in the primary elections.

“Secondary on that score, I am supporting Dr Kwabena Duffuor in the Presidential primary. I am not supporting John Mahama and that is one of the reasons why they said they have sacked me from the party because I have said I won’t support John Mahama, I am not a slave to John Mahama and I refuse to be a slave to him.”

Mr. Anyidoho emphasized that Dr. Duffuor greatly outperformed former President Mahama in terms of handling the economy.

“Dr Duffuor was the Finance Minister under John Evans Atta Mills so he worked with President Mills I worked with him I know what Dr Duffuor stands for in terms of building the economy that President Mills built: 32, 34 months single digit inflation, introduction of single spine, clearing of the arrears , Infrastructure expansion, three public Universities in three and half years, health facilities all over, I believe that Dr Duffuor has the potential by training, by competence, by experience both in public and private life,” he said.

Mr. Anyidoho further encouraged the Electoral Commission to address issues brought up by Dr. Duffuor’s campaign over the delayed distribution of the voters registration.

If the issues brought forward by the Duffuor campaign team are not quickly resolved before Saturday, May 12, 2023, he claims there will be legal repercussions.

To preserve unity after the polls, Dr. Duffuor says the May 13 presidential primary must be free, fair, and transparent.



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