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Natalie Bassingthwaighte rushed to hospital after horrific at-home injury


Natalie Bassingthwaighte, the singer and actress, rushed to the hospital overnight after sustaining a bloody injury to her wrist caused by a piece of broken glass from a picture frame at her home in Byron Bay.

Unable to find an open general practitioner, the 48-year-old had to seek emergency care at her local hospital. She shared details of her ordeal on Instagram in a video filmed from her hospital bed.


“I’ve ended up here because I cut my wrist. I’m tired,” she said in the clip, while trying to remaining upbeat. “Happy Sunday.”

After being released from the hospital, the former Neighbours star posted another video to reassure fans that she was back at home and healing.

“I decided to do a little video because I’m getting so many messages asking if I’m OK. I am OK. I’m very tired, but I’m OK. Thank you for your concern.”

“I did end up in emergency because in Byron there are no doctors or anything open on a Sunday nights. I cut my wrist on a glass picture frame that had a crack in it,” she shared.

“Anyway, I got straight in and they put anaesthetic in it, which killed. A lovely doctor cleaned it up, made sure there was no glass in there, and put a little glue on it and then I can’t shower, no I can shower, get it wet for a few days.”

“So I just sat in a bath and my daughter washed my hair, which was quite lovely. But thank you for all your concerns. I am OK.”

Natalie Bassingthwaighte, the singer and actress, shares two children, Harper Rain (13) and Hendrix (11), with her ex-husband Cameron McGlinchey, who was her bandmate in Rogue Traders.

The couple quietly ended their marriage in late 2022. In November, Bassingthwaighte revealed in a podcast interview with Stellar that she was in a “beautiful” relationship with a woman named Pip Loth, whom she described as someone who makes her heart smile and brings happiness. Shortly after the interview, Pip Loth made their relationship Instagram-official.

“Appreciation post for the most incredible woman who is not only giving me strength, support, love and immense joy, but is teaching me to understand and accept that I am deserving of these things and have them within myself too,” wrote Loth, who uses they/them pronouns.

“She’s teaching me to breathe deeply, to trust and to be my truest self. I am so incredibly lucky and overwhelmingly grateful for you.”

Watch the video Here


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