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My priority is to unseat Zanetor Rawlings – Nii Noi Nortey submits forms to contest Klottey Korley seat [Photos]


Amidst singing, shouting, and dancing, tens of thousands of NPP delegates, Osu Chiefs, and supporters queued along the streets of Osu to join Nii Noi and his campaign team for the historic occasion.

When Valantino Nii Noi Nortey, the “darling boy of Osu,” presented his nomination papers to run in the NPP Parliamentary Primaries for the 2024 elections, there was jubilation in the Klottey Korley Constituency in Accra.


They applauded him in the Osu Mantse Palace forecourt as they sang, “No Nii Nii Noi Nortey no vote, poised to unseat Zanetor,” in recognition of his excellent deeds for the party.

In the general legislative election of 2024, Rawlings declared: “My message is simple. It is To unseat Zanetor Rawlings in the 2024 election.”

He continued, “it has been 16 years in opposition for the NPP but in 2024, we want to wrestle the seat from the NDC. So after vetting, I will plead with delegates to look at my good works in reviving the constituency to be a winning one for the NPP and vote for me.”

He further said “my message to the delegates is to look at my hard work and reward me accordingly. Osu Adabraka, Asylum Down victory is near for us to change the destiny of this constituency.”

He highlighted that “my slogan is action and not words” and extended his sincere thanks to the delegates and his base of supporters.

The identity of Nii Noi Nortey has been the subject of rumors over the years, with some claiming that he is not a Ga. However, yesterday, the Osu chiefs pledged their complete support behind their son, dispelling such rumors.

Valentina Nii Noi Nortey is a member of the Owuo Wei Royal family, according to Joseph Nii Noi Adumuah, a prominent member of the family. “Whoever is saying otherwise should prove because we know our own,” he said.

“The entire family gave him the full support, and we are hoping that he will succeed. If anyone knows the source of his birth, he should prove it. You can’t go to any family house you don’t belong to, but you go to where you belong to and the people receive you”, he added.

He pleaded with the decent residents of Osu and the district to ignore the false allegations made against their Nii Noi Nortey.

Richard Kwabena Mpery, the NPP’s constituency secretary, said, “We gave you the authority to go fight and get chosen by the delegates so that you can assist us take the seat from the NDC.

“We want peace and unity in this constituency, so after the primaries we will also need all on board to win the general election, so we will plead with you to advise your supporters to campaign devoid of insults.”

Nii Noi Nortey was referred to by several of the delegates as “a unifier, charismatic, and down to earth leader” who pays attention to and comprehends his followers.

“The NPP must make a conscious and deliberate effort to support to win us majority seats, come the 2024 general elections,” the delegates said, praising Nii Noi as the ideal candidate for the party to win the parliamentary seat.

He was accompanied by NPP representatives from all 11 election districts, Osu Chiefs and Queenmothers, Asafo organizations, opinion leaders, assembly members, and fans and sympathizers from all across the Klottey Korle constituency.


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