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My father sent policemen to arrest me several times – Davido


When Davido first started his music career, questions were raised about why his billionaire father Chief Adedeji was constantly getting him arrested.

The artist claims that his father has always discouraged him from pursuing a career in music and has often advised him to prioritize his education since it is more crucial than music.


He said in an interview with Hot 97FM in New York that he was frequently detained by police officers sent by his father because he didn’t pay attention to what he was saying.

When Davido was scheduled to play at an event, his father would have him arrested, and if that had happened, everyone else surrounding him—including the event organizers and promoters—would also have been detained.

“He sent police to get me… like he sees a billboard; for example, Davido performing, Wizkid performing’. He would send police to arrest everybody– the show promoter, if you’re there (you would be arrested),” he told the host.

When asked why his father was acting in that way, the boy replied that he was trying all in his power to get him to go to school because he thought that was the only way to get him.

After being arrested, he admitted that he discovered he was well-liked while in a police cell when the officer in charge of the mobile phone’s keys received a call. He was really taken aback when his music played over the police siren.

When the police asked if he was Davido, he answered in the positive, at which point the officer produced the keys and freed Davido from the cells, claiming that it was his song.

“He kept on doing it. Then there was one time. This is where I knew that ‘Oh I’m lit!’. They (the police) came and got me. Then I’m in the cell and the dude that got the keys his phone rings, and it’s my song! I said ‘that’s me’. He said ‘you’re Davido?’. I said ‘yes!’. And he let me go.”

When his father stopped arresting him, he explained that he had finished his schooling but was only working part-time at the time.

He quickly clarified that his father did not dislike music; rather, he was simply doing his best to encourage him to pursue his schooling seriously. He mentioned that his father is now his largest and most ardent supporter and is constantly interested in what is coming up for him.



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