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MP defends Murtala Mohammed over clash with Ursula Owusu


Kofi Adams, a Buem MP, defended his Tamale Central colleague when Ursula Owusu Ekuful, the minister of communications, accused him of calling her derogatory names without providing any proof.

The Minister, according to Mr. Adams, is infamous for leveling accusations without providing proof.


He claims that the Minister once referred to the previous president John Mahama as “dzulor” (a thief) without offering any proof in an interview with one of JoyNews’ sister stations.

“This is somebody that is noted for calling others names that she has no evidence for. I agree two wrongs don’t make a right but let’s state that clearly that this is someone who is also noted for that,” he said on JoyNews’ AM show on Thursday.

During yesterday’s contentious discussion in parliament over the anti-LGBTQ+ bill, Minister of Communication and Digitalization Ursula Owusu took the floor to refute charges made by Tamale Central MP Murtala Mohammed that she was a practicing member of the LGBTQ+ community.

The minister demanded in a furious tone that the MP clarify whether or not she had participated in similar behavior with his daughter, mother, or wife.

Her points, some of which seemed to be subtly offensive, were refuted.

Kofi Adams, the MP for Buem, counters that the assertion that she practices lgbtq+ was made by her on her own accord according to many news portals some time ago.

“Well, was he speaking facts or he was just conjecturing? Words may have their own meaning. If you pick, there are a lot of reports and I was just reading through a Ghana Web report of 2021 29th April, that reported that the minister for communication and digitalization is said to have given indication that she experimented with what they describe as ‘supisupi’ then but it was titled lesbianism which I didn’t want to even mention. Was that what Murtala?

Someone “in this state could decide to extrapolate it,” Mr. Adams continued, noting that the publications have not been amended subsequently and that the minister has not responded to them.

Meanwhile, he has added that it is challenging for the speaker to order that an utterance be removed from the records because the MP for Tamale Central did not make the accusation while speaking into a microphone.


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