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Motor riders shoots lady multiple times in Kumasi


A 25-year-old woman was attacked by a motorcycling gang near Aprade Junction in the Ashanti region’s Oforikrom Municipality.

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, about 7:00 PM, the occurrence took place.


The woman was shot many times in the legs by the group after they opened fire on her.

Bystanders fled in all directions to find cover as a result of the tragedy.

It’s unclear if the woman tried to fight off the group that ambushed her at the peaceful intersection and robbed her of her possessions.

Prince Agyapong, a cab driver who made a brave run to get the bleeding woman to the Living Waters Hospital, recalled how locals lived in continuous fear of assaults from these motorbike bandits.

“The gang members do not look like persons who live in Aprade. They come riding these royal motorbikes looking all suspicious. I passed them when I was driving here, and my instinct told me they were going on an operation.

A short while later, I heard intermittent gunfire. When I turned around and moved in closer, I saw this woman being attacked. As many fled, I immediately ran to the woman, picked her up, and stopped a friend’s cab to get her to the hospital since I am a rather bold young man, the narrator said.

“My brother, if you see what they have done to the legs of this young lady who is wailing uncontrollably in the emergency ward, you will be driven to tears. It’s a pathetic sight,” a saddened Agyapong added.

Women in particular have been targets for motor riding gangs that prey on the unaware before morning and in the nights in the Ashanti region’s Aprade, Oduom, and other settlements along the Kumasi Ejisu route.

A lady who talked to Ultimate News recalled multiple instances in which these thieves waited in ambush at dawn to seize the possessions of traders who often left their homes at such times for the market.

“Just four days ago, they came back here, held a woman, and robbed her of her money and everything she had on her. They are strangers to this community,” she recounted.

Prince Agyapong, the brave cab driver, expressed concern that all of their requests for the police to increase patrols in the area had been ignored.

“When this incident happened, police from Tech, Oduom, Ejisu, and all these areas have now woken up from their slumber to come and ask what happened. Why will they have to wait for people to die before they act? Imagine if I was told that my sister had been attacked and maimed by armed robbers like this,” Agyapong bemoaned.

The victim’s family, who claimed to reside far away in Bekwai, had not yet arrived at the hospital as of 10:30 p.m., leaving the cab driver to act as the girl’s relatives.









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