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Miley Cyrus roasted for detail in Grammys outfit


Miley Cyrus made a bold statement on the Grammys red carpet, wearing a gold mesh dress by Maison Margiela and Christian Louboutin heels. Her windswept hairstyle sparked online memes, with some comparing it to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s iconic stiff hairstyle. The unique look garnered mixed reactions from fans.

“Margaret Thatcher, is that you?” one X user asked.


“Miley Cyrus trying to bring back 80s hair,” another said.

“She must have been electrocuted before the red carpet,” a third wrote.

Miley Cyrus’s hairstyle at the Grammys sparked comparisons to her godmother, Dolly Parton, known for her big hair. Cyrus, who won her first Grammy for “Flowers,” accepted the award for Best Pop Solo Performance from Mariah Carey, expressing excitement over the “iconic” moment.

“This M.C. is going to stand by this M.C. because this is just too iconic,” Cyrus began, acknowledging Carey, who stood beside her.

“Oh my god, I just got stuck in the rain and traffic and thought I was going to miss this moment.

“And I could have missed the award — that’s fine — but not Mariah Carey! I just saw you at the Hollywood Bowl. It was everything.”

The singer later sang Flowers during the broadcast.

She was nominated for six Grammys.




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