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Medical lab professionals issue a May 15 deadline and strike threat to the government


After receiving complaints from its members on the lack of service conditions, the Medical Laboratory Professional Workers Union (MELPWU) has hinted at a statewide strike.

They contend that because they have been working without conditions of employment for so long, it is past time that the government, who is also their employer, ratified their terms of employment.


They gave notice that they would “advise themselves” if the government did not address their issues by Monday, May 15.

During the 2023 May Day celebration in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, General Secretary Cephas Kofi Akortor said to Media General’s Tanko Mohammed Rabiu, “Government, that is the President, should give attention to our request to grant us a condition of service.”

“Having a condition of service is a fundamental or primary requirement for an employee.”

MELPWU had released a statement prior to speaking on Monday, May 1 at the grounds, expressing its enthusiasm to take part in the celebration for the first time as a union.

The statement read, “We consider our participation in the event as a milestone in our battle to ensure the best welfare for our teaming members in the field of medical laboratories.

It expressed dissatisfaction with what it perceived as the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission’s (FWSC) lack of interest in members’ requests for negotiations regarding their working conditions.

The Union has formally notified the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to the National Labour Commission for the necessary measures in light of the lack of response.

We will continue to use the established channels, but as a union that represents the worries and mounting annoyances of medical laboratory workers, we seem to be out of time and may soon give ourselves some advice.


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