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Man who tortured his son, 14, was placed on remand


The 34-year-old dad has been detained in police prison by the Assin-Fosu District Court for allegedly torturing his 14-year-old son for leaving the house unnoticed to participate in activities at the Game Centre.

Robert Kwame Kobi, who is due back in court on Friday, May 19, entered a plea of guilty with explanation to the charge of assault and causing bodily harm.


The court, presided over by Mr. Abdul Majid Iliasu, was unmoved by the suspect’s explanation and ordered a psychiatric evaluation be performed on the suspect in order to determine his mental state.

Chief Inspector Benjamin Doe Kuwornu, who was prosecuting, informed the court that the suspect had tortured the victim after receiving a tip from a bystander.

The kid had been missing for two days until his father finally located him in a game centre.

According to Chief Insp Kuwornu, Kobi assaulted the youngster by beating him at the game centre, dragging him home, and then hitting him again.

When they got home, the suspect assaulted the boy with a cutlass, according to the prosecution, and when the boy could no longer take the pain, he grabbed the cutlass with both hands.

Chief Insp Kuwornu reported that during the struggle that followed, Kobi took the boy’s cutlass from his hands, slit his palms, and carried the victim outside.

The suspect, according to the prosecution, bound the boy’s hands and legs with a rope, covered him in ground pepper, and exposed him to the hot sun.

According to Chief Insp. Kuwornu, a bystander who witnessed the boy’s father being cruel to him and witnessing the act reported the incident to the police. — GNA


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