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Man disguises as woman, cohabits with boyfriend for 3 months before arrest


After it was revealed that two suspects had been living together and one of them was passing for a woman, they were both arrested in Kwekwe and are now being charged with sodomy.

His genuine identity was revealed during a sexual encounter, which is how the unusual case came to be.


40-year-old James Mapawu reportedly went to a well-known nightclub in July of this year. He came into Praise Mpofu, 25, who was posing as a lady and was there.

James’ proposal of a serious connection after mistaking Praise for a woman made the unexpected encounter extra weird.

Since then, though, questions have been raised about James’ genuineness.

“Something is not adding up in James’ version since he is saying that he proposed to Praise thinking he was a woman due to the dress code.

“But, we suspect he was aware that this Praise was also into this sodomy,” explained an anonymous source.

After Praise accepted James’s proposal, they started what seemed to be a loving relationship. At Mapawu’s house, they started living together and sharing private moments.

But what James thought was a romantic relationship will eventually come to an abrupt and devastating end.

Praise had an erection during a sexual interaction, which revealed the truth about his real gender identity as a male.

James was shocked and perplexed by the discovery, which sparked a contentious debate between them.

James reported Praise’s sodomy to the law enforcement. Following the incident, both those involved were taken into custody.

The pair is anticipated to show up in court soon.






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