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Limited Voter Registration: EC deployed faulty machines to our strongholds – NDC


The Electoral Commission (EC) is under investigation for possible election fraud, according to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The party claims that the election administration organization purposefully sent defective voting devices to its strongholds.


Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the party’s leader, said that this is a deliberate attempt to sway votes in their strongholds.

The EC is dedicated to upsetting qualified registrants, Mr. Asiedu Nketia stated during a news conference on Tuesday, September 13.

“There is not more than two centres where these breakdowns are happening which are in the stronghold of the NPP.”

“All the rest are in the stronghold of the NDC…It is like his excellency when he was complaining about politicking within the bar association which turns to campaign at the bar conference,” he said.

The NDC, he said, will vehemently fight any attempts by the EC to stifle voting in the election.

He claims that they would closely monitor the procedure.

Despite objections from certain political groups, the EC started registering new voters throughout its 268 district offices on Tuesday.

The NDC and four other political parties sued the EC last week in the Supreme Court over the Commission’s decision to limit the registration process to its district offices, including the Convention People’s Party (CPP), All People’s Congress (APC), Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), and the Great Consolidated People’s Party (GCPP).

However, a time for the case’s hearing has not yet been set. the cause of the exercise’s present progress.

A minimum of 1.35 million persons who turned 18 after the last registration drive are expected to be registered by the Commission by 2020.



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