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LGBTQ+: We can’t change scripture for somebody’s feeling – Rev Appiagyei


Rev Kingsley Appiagyei, Head Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church Worldwide, has praised the church for its uncompromising stance against LGBTQ+ manifestations in the country.

Rev Appiagyei believes that scripture cannot be changed based on personal sentiments, declaring unequivocally, “The Bible says a man is a man and a woman is a woman.”


He urged the church to continue to oppose LGBTQ+ people despite external influences, notably from the Western world.

In reaction to the increased campaign for LGBTQ+ rights, Rev Appiagyei said unequivocally that the church’s view is a resounding “no” to such manifestations.

He blamed the pressure on Africa’s abundance of riches, but he also blamed “bad leadership” for surrendering to global forces.

Rev Appiagyei urged the church to maintain its stand, emphasizing the need of protecting the religion in order to pass it on to the next generation.

He contended that, while advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and sentiments have rights and feelings, the scriptures cannot be changed to meet such feelings.

Using a hypothetical scenario, he said, “If I feel like being Ghana’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, then should the scripture be changed to make me feel like an ambassador?”

He was adamant that such changes to the Bible would not take place.

Rev Appiagyei declared, “I will be shocked and disappointed if LGBTQ+ people are accepted in Ghana.”

As social discussions over LGBTQ+ rights continue, Trinity Baptist Church remains committed to its conservative stance, which is based on scripture teachings.

Rev Appiagyei emphasized the church’s dedication to maintaining biblical principles.

On Friday, January 5, 2024, he stated his position while speaking on the topic “The Stress of Modern Day Parenting” during an interview on Accra-based Adom TV.





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