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Let’s uphold nations’s democracy — John Mahama


Former President John Dramani Mahama has urged citizens to follow their civic responsibilities in order to keep the country’s democracy alive.

He also urged people to be particularly attentive as the country prepares for another general election this December.


This, according to Mr Mahama, would prevent system abuse and ensure that only the will of the people prevailed.

In a message commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the 1992 Constitution, the former President further urged all duty-bearers to adhere to constitutional ideals.

He stated that, while not flawless, democratic administration had served the country well and provided promise for long-term prosperity.

As a result, Mr Mahama stated that the anniversary should provide a chance for citizens to reflect on where the country had stumbled and how it should cement whatever accomplishments it had made.

“True democracy goes beyond elections; it should improve governance, enhance individual freedoms, and, most important, ensure a decent quality of life for citizens,” he added.

Mr. Mahama, who is also the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s 2024 presidential candidate, expressed sadness over the legal difficulties that prevented the Constitution Review Implementation Committee from adopting the commission’s findings.

If elected President in December 2024, he committed to pursue the different steps toward adopting the white paper, with an emphasis on “strengthening governance institutions, protecting citizens’ rights, and combating corruption.”

“The reforms will aim to reduce the influence of an overreaching executive, put an end to the creeping politicisation of state institutions, reduce excessive spending on Article 71 officeholders to bridge the unacceptable disparity between them and other categories of workers and strengthen the fundamental rights of all citizens,” the former President added.

Mr Mahama also urged the government to stop activities that continue to erode citizens’ democratic rights.

“The use of thugs and rogue elements within the security agencies to disrupt elections in some parts of the country as occurred in the 2020 elections, leading to the loss of eight lives, will forever be remembered as the nation’s day of infamy and an indelible blemish on our democratic credentials established over the last 31 years of constitutional rule,” he said.

Former President John Mahama said it was unacceptable that three years after the horrific events, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had not expressed condolences to the deceased families.

“This government must appreciate that they have an obligation to guarantee peaceful elections this year and the loss of even a life will not be countenanced,” he said.






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