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Let’s embrace forgiveness and peace in the spirit of Christ’s crucifixion, says Rev. Dr. Biney


On Good Friday, Christians are encouraged to remember Christ’s death by embracing peace and harmony.

The death and resurrection of Jesus were a revitalising principle of Christianity, according to Reverend Dr David Biney, Area Head Pastor of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI), Cape Coast. As a result, he added, there was a need to renew hope and love among humanity.


He remarked, “As Christians, we ought to imitate how King Pilate and Herod, who were at odds, were brought together by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

He encouraged Christians to work to clear up any misunderstandings amongst them when delivering his Good Friday sermon in an interview.

To recognise the enormous sacrifice God made for humanity, Rev. Biney advised them to abstain from things like wrath, rage, and backbiting.

He advised them to think on Christ’s contributions in order to forge solid bonds that would promote peace and togetherness both in Ghana and around the world.

Easter calls on everyone to forgive and forget in order to profit from Christ’s death since it emphasises forgiveness, love, and reconciliation.

The Area Head Pastor urged the people of Ghana to be unmoved by the winds and waves that surround them and to seek God.

He urged Christians to have confidence in Christ, who created them and vowed to protect them in trying times, despite the problems they are enduring as a result of the economic crisis.

He counselled them to be hopeful and obedient to God, trusting that he would create a path where there appeared to be none.

Christians use Easter as an opportunity to ask for forgiveness of their sins and find reconciliation with one another. Easter is marked to commemorate the sacrifices Jesus Christ made on the Cross of Calvary and His Resurrection.


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