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Legon student mysteriously dies at Ewin Polyclinic in Cape Coast


A 19-year-old level 200 law student at the University of Ghana, Legon, has died at the Ewim Polyclinic in the Central Region’s Cape Coast Metropolis.

The deceased, Nana Obeng Owusu Junior, allegedly died at around 19:00 hours on Monday when a nurse only named as Michael injected him with an undisclosed drug, resulting in his death.


The Ghana News Agency (GNA) went to the hospital to verify the accusations, but a Nursing Manager and a senior Administrator on duty on Saturday, about 15:30 hours, couldn’t confirm or refute the allegation.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Nelly Mills, the deceased’s mother, informed the GNA that she took the dead, an asthmatic sufferer, to the facility for a nebulizer (a tiny machine that converts liquid medication into a mist that may be readily breathed).

She stated that when they arrived at the institution, they headed to the pharmacy but were sent to the emergency ward, which they did.

There was a misunderstanding between the deceased and Michael in the emergency unit, and that is when Michael, who was angered by their arrival, exclaimed at them, “What you want, what do you want,” as though they were not authorized to attend the hospital.

She said “Michael, in a seemingly unhappy voice, as if he was tired of caring for patients, shouted at us, something my son did not take kindly”.

Mrs. Mills stated that she later left the emergency unit to purchase a prescription that Michael had approved, leaving the dead in the custody of a younger relative who had joined them.

Mrs. Mills stated that shortly after she left, Michael injected the dead with an unknown drug without first checking his vitals, resulting in his death in less than two minutes, and then fled the scene.

Mrs. Mills stated that the deceased was cracking jokes with his brother prior to the injection but abruptly went asleep after getting the injection, but the younger brother thought he was asleep until she arrived to discover he was dead.

“I shouted for help repeatedly and called for help, but my son was long dead. Within two minutes after stepping out to buy his medication, my son died, and Michael confirmed he injected him.

“We only needed a nebulizer and not an injection which was written for me to buy, so why the injection? Besides, my son was not seriously ill but suffering from his routine asthma attack,” Mrs Mills said.

She went on to say that while the institution refused to transfer the corpse to her, they quickly prepared for a hearse and brought the body to the University of Cape Coast mortuary, where it was embalmed without the agreement of any family members.

She alleged, “We followed up to the morgue right after only to find out my son has been embalmed without my consent. The arrangement made by the hospital makes the death of my son a subject of investigation and we will not relent to get to the bottom of this matter,” she stated.

Mrs. Mills urged the Ghana Health Service and security forces to properly examine the cause of death and guarantee that the grieving family received justice.










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