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Kwaw Kese rejoices over COP Kofi Boakye’s retirement from the Ghana Police Service


A new clapback message has been issued to former police commander COP Kofi Boakye by Ghanaian artist Kwaw Kese.

This occurs immediately after COP Kofi Boakye announced his long-awaited retirement from the police force.


COP One of the best police officers the agency has ever produced was Kofi Baokye. It is highly commended that she served as the Ashanti Region’s regional commander.

Several heartfelt notes were given to him to express appreciation for his job and his professional attitude to everything on the occasion of giving him a fond farewell.

Kwaw Kese was one of the individuals COP Kofi Boakye detained as a result of this and was a pain in his side.

When Kwaw Kese traveled to Kumasi to appear at an event, authorities looked into his whereabouts and detained him for possessing marijuana or Indian hemp.

COP When Kofi Bokaye served as the regional commander, he saw to it that Kwaw Kese was investigated, detained, and surcharged.

Despite the fact that he admitted guilt and was eventually let go, the rapper and the police chief developed some type of animosity as a result.

Kwaw Kese could only reflect on the occasion of his departure from the police force and express gratitude for the passage of time.

He asserts that time is the great equalizer and that, in due course, the formerly feared COP Kofi Bokaye, who once imprisoned him, has also retired.

Checkout Kwaw Kese’s tweet below




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