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Kwahu Easter festivities hit by economic downturn: Traders and revelers opt-out of celebrations


Kwahu Easter celebrations are usually filled with great enthusiasm and excitement every year. However, this year seems to be a bit different, especially in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital.

In previous years, many traders and service providers from Koforidua would travel to Kwahu to sell their goods and services and take advantage of the economic opportunities that come with the celebrations.


But this year, it appears that the economic challenges in Ghana have taken a toll on the people’s financial situation. Prices of goods and services have risen so high that many people cannot afford to purchase them.

For example, local fowls now sell between GH¢200 and GH¢250 depending on the size, which is twice the amount they sold for last year.

Additionally, the prices of other goods like goats, sheep, and turkeys have also increased, making it difficult for ordinary people to buy. Vegetables, foodstuffs, and other ingredients required for food preparation have also seen a significant price hike.

The Mirror spoke to some residents of New Juaben South and New Juaben North municipalities who revealed that celebrating Easter was the last thing on their minds. Some even confessed that they were unaware that the Kwahu Easter festivities were happening this weekend.

One trader, Obaa Kumi, who sells vegetables at the Koforidua Agartha market, said that going to Kwahu for Easter this year was not part of her plans. Her primary concern was how to get money to pay for her transport fare to her hometown, Akim Oda, which would cost her around GHc90 for a round trip.

Another trader, Linda Otubea, who is a hairdresser at the Koforidua central market, stated that her business was at risk of collapse because most of her clients had stopped visiting her salon due to the country’s economic challenges.

“As a hairdresser, I have previously done brisk business at Kwahu Easter on a number of occasions, but I don’t intend to go there this year because business is slow everywhere, and I am sure to operate at a loss,” she added.

Hajia Sahadatu Zakari, a waakye seller at Koforidua, who usually pitches camp at Kwahu to sell her food, has also decided to let this year’s Easter celebrations at Kwahu pass. She noted that she did not have enough money to make the kind of waakye she usually sold in the Kwahu area. Even the high cost of transportation from Koforidua to Kwahu would not allow her to make any meaningful profit.

“If I look at what I will spend to get to Kwahu and back, in addition to the high cost of ingredients to prepare my waakye, going to Kwahu for this year’s Easter festivities would rather impoverish me,” she added.

This year’s Kwahu Easter celebrations in Koforidua seem to be quieter than usual due to the current economic situation in the country. Many traders and service providers have decided not to travel to Kwahu this year because of the high costs associated with it.


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