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Krontihene demands that his subjects be given jobs


Baffour Sekyi, Krontihene of Obretema, a farming village in the Suhum Municipality in the Eastern Region, has pleaded with donors and commercial organisations to commit their funds to helping the indigenous people in the area find jobs.

Speaking at the Easter Festival held this year in Obretema, he told attendees that the traditional authority is prepared to lease any area of property to support construction projects intended to create work for the local population.


The traditional authority will welcome private investors to access any size of our land to develop businesses that will employ the locals, he said, adding that this community is endowed with a great amount of land.

He pointed out that Obretema Town’s prime location along the main Accra-Kumasi route will make it easier for investors to go from the region to the two major cities, Accra and Kumasi, making the neighbourhood an excellent location for any type of business.

He claims that the government cannot create jobs for Ghanaians and developing communities by itself; as a result, the Obretema community would rely on private investors for jobs by constructing factories to address the unemployment issue.

Baffour Sekyi lamented the absence of essential social infrastructure for the community’s residents, including a school building, a health facility, and a respectable police station. He thus urged the government to build the needed amenities.

He emphasised that the lack of an ICT lab and library in the current educational facility prevents children from receiving a quality education necessary to compete with students in urban areas.

Additionally, he recommended parents to put their children’s welfare first by attending to their needs and concentrating on their adolescent females.

In order for them to obtain the right guidance and counselling and assist reduce teenage pregnancy in the area, adolescent girls must feel safe and secure when talking to their parents about matters relating to their sexual lives, he said.

In order to carry out his obligations as a leader and raise the community to the level of other established communities, Baffour Sekyi persuaded his people to band together.


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