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Korle Bu nurses name two babies abandoned at facility 2 months ago


Two boy newborns who were abandoned at the institution two months ago have been given names by medical staff at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

After learning that the first child, Ransford Sackey, had birth defects, it is said that his mother abandoned him.


Nurses claim that Ransford’s deficiency in arms and limbs was caused by an unsuccessful abortion.

However, his mother left the hospital after telling the nurses she was going shopping.

However, because she gave the erroneous contact information, all efforts to contact her have been ineffective.

The second infant, identified as Kelvin Walters, was also hauled in by police when they discovered him at an Accra beach, according to reports from Accra-based TV3.

He had measles all over his body and was emaciated at the time of the rescue.

The two have been receiving excellent treatment at the Child Health Department for the past few months.

To give them to the Social Welfare Department, nevertheless, is now being prepared.

In a similar incident, hospital administrators have asked the public for assistance in finding the relatives of two patients who have also been admitted for around 17 months.

The patients, identified as Agbalu and Abiola Adeni, were injured in incidents at various Accra sites when they were admitted to the orthopaedic unit.

They have been treated, released, and their medical expenses have been covered, according to Mustafa Salifu, the hospital’s press secretary, but they remain there since they say they have no family in Accra.

Mr. Salifu lamented the fact that the two continue to occupy hospital beds at the cost of very ill patients, calling the situation alarming.



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