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Knox Consulting hosts the inaugural Agribusiness Owners’ Forum


Industry participants across the agricultural value chain gathered to discuss skills gaps that graduates from postsecondary institutions in the field encounter when they start looking for work.

In order to prepare graduates for the job market, Knox Consulting organised a session at the Erata hotel for industry experts to discuss creating practical and hands-on supplemental content for agricultural colleges and institutions.


The forum was one of the events that Knox Consulting, with assistance from SofTtribe, was putting on as part of its “Bridging the Devices and Connectivity Gaps for Students in Agriculture in Ghana” project with the Mastercard Foundation.

The workshop, which was specifically created for business owners and agricultural practitioners, aimed to get participants to, among other things: Share experiences on the practical skills graduates need to succeed in the industry and brainstorm on the relevant skill-set needed to supplement tertiary institution training for the job market.

The forum’s moderator, Mrs. Sheila Assibey-Yeboah, managing partner of Knox Consulting, stated that the ideas gathered from the discussions would give project implementers a wealth of tools to help them provide supplemental content for students in tertiary institutions as well as give them a thorough understanding of the relevant human resource bottlenecks affecting the industry.

She stated, “We think this is important in helping the project develop a comprehensive approach to bridging the current knowledge gap when fresh graduates enter the job market in the agriculture space.

Only a small number of agriculture graduates go on to work actively in the field, according to Mrs Sheila Assibey-Yeboah. She continued, “The trend is concerning, and we must address this issue.”

Sector participants from the various agricultural value chains, including those for livestock, poultry, tree crops, fruits, vegetables, agri-inputs, and service providers, attended the forum.

Regarding Knox Consulting

It is a consultancy network organisation with a focus on project/company support, advisory services, capacity building, advocacy, and better processes in the Ghanaian agriculture, agribusiness, economic, and financial sectors.


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