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Keta NDC officials will not participate in the election if Jones-Mensah is disqualified


If Dr. Emmanuel Kojo Jones-Mensah, a candidate for parliament, is disqualified from the campaign, certain National Democratic Congress (NDC) members who call themselves “Concerned Branch Executives” in the Keta constituency have threatened to boycott all election-related events.

“Due to the actions of some vengeful, selfish, and greedy people, the party is facing numerous difficulties during this electioneering phase of the parliamentary primaries. Before it’s too late, we, the Concerned Branch Executives of Keta (CBEK), felt it was important to address issue.


At a press conference, the group’s convenor, Mr. Evans Agba, said that despite the vetting committee verifying Dr. Jones-Mensah’s genuine party affiliation in response to a pointless petition, some individuals are still fervently seeking to have him disqualified.

In contrast to all previous and current political leaders since 1992, he claimed that Dr. Jones-Mensah had a different, solidly shown political and social record, and that no one had been able to accomplish what he had thus far.

He is tackling additional issues in the fields of infrastructure, job creation, and education, among others, while building two crucial bridges at Agorvinu and Hatorgodo-Lawoshime districts for a total cost of approximately GH2 million.

Mr. Agba stated that over the previous 40 years, the government and local politicians had made promises to the residents but failed to keep them, “but Dr. Jones has come to redeem the situation.”

A boycott of the parliamentary primaries and the general elections in the Keta seat in 2024, according to him, would result from any attempt to remove Dr. Jones-Mensah from office. He claimed that Dr. Jones-Mensah has revitalised politics in Keta.

“Dr. Jones-Mensah is our savior, and we won’t stand by and let an evil mind win.”

Mr. Agba claimed in his argument that Dr. Senanu Kwasi Djokoto, the former party chairman and a candidate in the race, had appealed the vetting committee’s decision to clear Dr. Jones-Mensah on the grounds that he hadn’t lived in the constituency for years and was therefore ineligible under the party’s constitution.

He continued by saying that Dr. Jones-Mensa would be the only candidate who could take the NDC to victory in 2024 because the previous candidates had run badly, which led to a rise in the New Patriotic Party’s support from 1,665 in 2016 to 5,037 in 2020—an unheard-of 500% gain.

He asked the constituency’s executives to maintain their composure in the hopes that all candidates for parliamentary office would be given an equal opportunity to compete.

The party’s leadership has not yet responded to the petition against Dr. Jones-Mensah, though.

The Volta Regional Vetting Committee, which is chaired by Mrs. Sherry Ayittey, approved five candidates on Wednesday, April 5 to run in the May 13 parliamentary primaries, in which Dr. Jones Mensah participated.


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