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JUSAG demands improved security, risk allowance for staff after Tamale attack


Following the recent attacks at the Tamale District Court, the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSAG) needs better protection and some risk allowance for its personnel.

On August 28, several locals invaded the Tamale district court. When a guy was accused of distributing narcotics to young people, the enraged citizens stormed the Tamale district court.


A police officer was hurt as a consequence of the mob throwing stones at the court. During the incident, there was additional shooting between the Police and the Youth.

Since then, JUSAG has denounced this behavior and called it cruel.

The Association has also demanded more court security and risk coverage for its members.

The event is a wake-up call for its members to be assessed for risk allowances, JUSAG President Samuel Afotey Otu stated during the 2023 Judicial Service Staff Durbar and Open Forum in Cape Coast.

“As members of the judicial service, it is our solemn duty to nurture and protect the justice system. We have the immense responsibility of shaping the future of our nation by upholding the principles of justice and the rule of law.

“As we do this and more, let us enhance security in our courts to protect and safeguard staff, judges and magistrates and our clients.

“The recent incident of attack at the Tamale District Court is a wake-up call on the service to relook at our security protocols. It also sends a signal that all employees of the service are at risk.

“And with this inherent risk, provision of risk allowance should not be seen as too much for staff,” Mr Afotey Otu charged.






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