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In response to Shugatiti and King Nazir’s sex encounter, the pastor of Alpha Hour asks, “Has it come to that?


The leader of Alpha Hour and the founder of Grace Mountain Ministry, Rev. Elvis Agyemang, has responded to the ongoing sex talk between King Nazir and Ghanaian socialite Shugatiti.

The American porn actor had earlier offered to feed fans with a live broadcast of their match in a series of conversations on Twitter in exchange for making Shugatiti experience climax.


This was in response to Shugatiti telling Zionfelix in an interview that she had never had orgasms and that no one could make her cum.

“You can’t satisfy me; I’ve never had a cum and I don’t experience orgasms.” My doctor responded that it was normal when I asked because not all ladies will experience orgasms. Because I don’t experience orgasm, you can’t make me feel good; instead, you must equal our level of energy until we tyre. I adore having sex because I become so drenched and because I like how things go in and out and penetrate. I also prefer working long hours, like all day. I don’t experience fatigue. The truth is that everyone I have had sexual relations with has matched my enthusiasm, she informed Zionfelix.

After learning of Shugatiti’s remarks, King Nazir has subsequently come up with suggestions in an effort to assist her in solving that issue.

This involves a live broadcast of their match, for which he had started raising money.

“For the supporters that want to see this match take place! Support is available here. This will help us find money for live PPV broadcasting, set design, staff, etc.,” he wrote in a message on Twitter.

Rev. Elvis Agyemang, however, has expressed shock at this development.

He took a pause during his Alpha hour session to express his dissatisfaction and resentment at “the degree of garbage this generation has absorbed and engulfed all in the name of modernity,”

“I borrowed my wife’s phone and glanced through Facebook when I came across a post that indicated a woman in Ghana was having a sexual encounter with a young man, and anyone wishing to view it would have to pay a fee. Have we reached it yet? Have we reached it yet? Have we arrived at that yet, young men and women? It didn’t begin right away. Although several commenters said they couldn’t wait, the oppression of the soul didn’t begin today. You must attend the open sexual encounter.

If this generation disregards wise advice and heedlessly accepts the foreign culture, according to Rev. Agyemang, things are going to spiral out of control.

“We live in this generation right now. Sexual discussion and being exposed in public have become commonplace at the moment. Young people’s souls have undergone soulwork. Murder will become commonplace very soon. Pulling out firearms to shoot others will become commonplace if we talk and you don’t listen. Because of the way we have adopted everything about Americans, very soon we will experience the dangers that they do.


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