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I’m the most versatile actress alive! I speak fluently both English and Twi in movies – Awo Yaa


The first Ghanaian film, “Love Brewed in the African Pot,” was released in the 1950s, beginning a lengthy history for the country’s film industry.

The business has developed through time and has created a wide range of films that portray Ghanaian culture, traditions, and societal challenges.


Talented performers, actresses, and filmmakers have also emerged in the business, contributing to its expansion and success.

Awo Yaa Ampaw Ageiwaa is another memorable actor or actress of our day who has made a great contribution to the development and sustainability of the film industry.

Given that Twi and English are the two main dialects utilized in Ghanaian films, Awo Yaa prides herself on being the most adaptable actress in the country today.

Awo Yaa emphasized in an interview that she is the most adaptable actress in Ghana since she performs better in Twi films as well as English-language films.

Ageiwaa has had a distinguished acting career lasting more than 20 years, appearing in a number of tense films in recent years.

Yantah, Adom Trotro, Efie Mpo Nie, Cocoa Season series, Ave Maria, and the forthcoming Sam Power film “Innocent” are just a few of the series in which Awo Yaa has appeared.

Awo Yaa has had a difficult personal life in the year since her divorce, yet she still glows and seems much younger given her gorgeous beauty.

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