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IGP not involved in police officer’s promotion – Adam Bona


The accusations made by Superintendent George Asare that Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. George Akuffo Dampare affects promotions of police personnel have been refuted by security analyst Adam Bona.

He claims that the IGP has little influence over the Service’s young police officers being promoted.


Supt. Asare testified before the committee looking into the leak of the audio that the IGP hastened ASP Kenneth Asante Antwi’s promotion to the rank of junior police officer.

According to him, IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare authorized ASP Asante Antwi to enroll in the Police College and get training to become an Assistant Superintendent after COP George Alex Mensah authorized him to send him on a UN mission.

Adam Bona, however, asserted that the claims made by Supt. Asare are incompatible with the data included in his records.

He maintained that the Ghana Police Service’s elevation of ASP Asante was based on a merit-based system.

ASP Asante Antwi passed his UN SAAT tests in 2014, according to Mr. Bona, and from November 29, 2014, to November 30, 2016, he was stationed at UNMISS. He later returned to the UN in May 2018.

Asante Antwi’s return to the UN, according to Bona, was made possible by a special request from the UNHQ New York Police Division, which acknowledged his remarkable performance.

A professional crime analyst and member of the International Association of Crime Analysts, he received training in the USA funded by the UN. No Ghanaian police officer or commander was involved in his return to the UN.

Adam Bona responded to the assertion that IGP Dampare sent ASP Asante to the Police College by saying that ASP Asante’s admittance to the police college was the result of recommendations from several organizations.

The UN Headquarters, the Police International Relations Directorate (IRD), and the Director-General of the Police Intelligence Directorate (D-G PID), he said, issued these suggestions in 2020 and 2021.

Supt. George Asare’s assertions were refuted by Adam Bona, who underlined that ASP Kenneth Asante Antwi’s promotions and deployments were made on the basis of merit and recommendations from several organizations, with no direct input from the IGP or other Ghanaian police officers.



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