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If you want party jams, call me, not Fameye – Rapper Agbeshie


Rapper Agbeshie has stated that he is the ideal musician to provide partygoers with the proper bangers to turn their parties upside down.

Agbeshie gave Tru News Report an interview over the weekend in which he outlined his reasons for favoring a certain musical genre.


The rapper openly admitted, albeit in jest, during the interview that he is not the sort of musician that creates “conscious” songs like Fameye. He asserted that the only songs in his genre are street anthems and club bangers.

Though he can perform “Fameye kind of songs,” the Ghanaian rapper quickly clarified that this is not his primary “calling.”

The ‘Wrowroho’ rapper also gave an explanation for why women’s physical attributes are usually the subject of his songs, claiming that they are gods on earth and should be revered.

He praised God for giving men like him and other men wonderful creatures in the form of women. Agbeshie’s song “Duna,” which is Ga for “buttocks,” has a chance to be well-known.

“There should be someone to speak for plus size women….. the song is literally to empower people who are body shamed,” he remarked.

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