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“If you see my liver, you’ll pray for me” – KiDi ‘cries’


A month ago, it was generally believed and conjectured that KiDi’s suspension of his GoldenBoy North American tour, which was scheduled to begin early this year, was caused by his ongoing battle with a stroke.

His disappearance from social media after postponing the tour due to health concerns gave users of the platform a platform to disseminate unfounded rumors about the musician’s health.


People had their suspicions even though KiDi didn’t specify the specific chronic health issue that led him and his crew to decide to postpone the trip.

Depressing rumors that KiDi is suffering from a stroke have emerged in response to his tweet declaring a break and suspension from the tour.

Richie Mensah, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment, blasted denied the rumors swirling regarding KiDi’s health a few weeks ago when they first began to circulate on social media.

He claims that the stories are false and has advised the musician’s supporters and fans to disregard the quickly spreading rumors.

Since Richie appeared in public to address the situation, Ghanaians have been growing more concerned about the VGMA Award-winning performer.

Just over two weeks ago, KiDi made a public appearance and clarified any confusion over his health and other matters that had arisen while he was away.

The ‘Say Cheese’ hitmaker brashly claimed that the rumors that he was suffering from a stroke were untrue in a message he uploaded on Instagram.

He continued by saying that he is back and active this time to go on where he left off due to a health issue, which includes making songs and doing performances for his fans.

Through the release, KiDi expressed his gratitude to his loved ones, friends, and supporters for their support as he took time away from his music and tour to assess his health.

KiDi recently said that he was only lying if he ever claimed to be OK, sending chills down the spines of his supporters.

KiDi discussed his illness in a song that has not yet been completely released. He claims that if he ever shows his loved ones his liver, they will sob uncontrollably.

Additionally, he discussed how despite having been in agony for a while, he constantly attempts to smile while among others.

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