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If we stay silent, our forefathers will never forgive us – Yagbonwura supports the anti-LGBT+ Bill


The Overlord of the Gonja Kingdom, Yabognwura BII Kunto Jewu Soale, has warned that if this is not done, the ancestors would not be able to forgive the nation. This warning comes as the Parliament of Ghana is considering a Private Members’ Bill to make LGBTQ+ practises illegal in Ghana.

He said that in order to guarantee that the country rejects the LGBT community’s actions, it is necessary for all hands to be on deck.


Additionally, he called the minority group’s practise an abomination and something that is foreign to Ghana’s traditional standards and practises.

He also encouraged the Ghanaian Parliament to oppose passing the anti-gay measure in order to prevent the importation of foreign culture into the nation.

“Our forefathers won’t ever forgive us if we remain silent and allow the government to make such a choice to affirm LGBTQ.

He said that the LGBTQ+ law will be unanimously approved by Ghana’s 8th Parliament of the Fourth Republic.

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, paid Yabognwura BII Kunto Jewu Soale a courtesy visit at his home in Damongo, where he informed him of this, according to the report.

His visit was a component of events honouring the 30th anniversary of Ghana’s parliament.

Alban Bagbin assured the monarch that he would do all in his power to prevent Ghana from passing a law permitting the activities of the LGBTQ+ community, and he added that he would sooner die than see such a law become law.

“Even though I am not allowed to vote, I have stated and will state again that I would rather die than let the LGBTQ+ bill pass while in my charge.

He stated, “I run the House and I can guarantee you and the good people of Ghana that the LGBTQ+ law will never be approved to be in Ghana.

An anti-gay measure called the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values measure, 2021 is being debated in the Ghanaian Parliament.

Sam Nartey George, the MP for Ningo-Prampram, is leading a group of lawmakers who are advancing it.


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