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I often visit the tombs of Komla Dumor and my late wife behind my window – Prof Kwaku Dumor


The late Komla Dumor’s father, Prof. Ernest Kwaku Dumor, has talked about how he continues to grieve for his late wife and son even years after their passing.

The founding Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), when asked how he had managed the passing of his famous son, stated he was unable to adequately explain the grief he felt.


Even if he doesn’t cry when he is sad, he sighed and remarked, “The crying still goes on.”

He claimed that he frequently grieves at the graves of his beloved wife and son.

“They are in the same place behind my window, so I go there and say a little prayer and commit them into the bosom of the Lord and ask them to intercede for those of us who are still alive, so that the memory will still continue,” he told Lexis Bill on Personality Profile.

He claims that the portraits of his late wife and son are displayed in all appropriate locations throughout his room.

“I have their pictures staring at me everywhere.”

Prof. Kwaku Dumor claimed that six years ago, when he was employed at the NIA, he lost his wife.

He continued by saying that six months after burying his wife, his older sister also went away.

Six months after the death of his older sister, he also suffered the loss of a younger brother, as if that weren’t enough.

He claims that while he is aware that this was the price he had to pay, the loss of his family members did not really shock him.

He yet thinks there is satisfaction in the pain “because I know they were good and did everything to serve the country.”



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