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I never thought I would get married – KOD


Kofi Okyere Darko, better known as KOD, is a broadcaster and fashion designer from Ghana. He claims that as a child, he never really thought about getting married.

He said that he did not want to give up his independence when speaking on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning.


“I didn’t ever think I will get married, I like my freedom,” he said.

According to the fashion designer, his permissive parents provided him the freedom to make his own decisions as a child, with parental supervision when required.

“My parents were not hard on me, I didn’t have a regimented life, just live your life, as in when you went wrong, they would correct you. Forever I wanted to just be in the air and fly like a bird,” KOD said.

He admitted that it was his sisters and friends that persuaded him to marry his present spouse, Ophelia Crossland.

He said that whenever his friends encountered him and Ophelia, they constantly remarked on how well they would complement one another.

“My sisters were really part of it and my friends, everyone who met Ophelia was like charlie this is your wife,” he said.

KOD, who is also the CEO of the apparel brand “Nineteen 57,” said that his wife has played a significant role in his life.

“She has changed me in so many ways, as growing up she has taught me to be subtle in the things I wear.”

“You know that saying, behind every great man there is always that woman, I don’t know if because she is not so tall, but she is right behind me and you can’t see her but she is the one who pulls all the strings, keeps me very grounded,” the CEO shared.

Rhythms on Da Runway, an annual celebration of fashion and music, was started by Kofi-Okyere Darko.

At the 2015 Glitz Style Awards, he was named Most Stylish Radio Personality of the Year.

At the 2016 Ghana Fashion Awards, KOD was also a nominee for Male Fashion Celebrity Icon of the Year.



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