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I don’t know why women wear uncomfortable corsets but avoid bras because they are uncomfortable – Solomon Buchi


The question of why some women choose not to wear bras in public was addressed by prominent life coach and author Solomon Buchi on Twitter.

He questioned if women intentionally show off their busts in an effort to attract attention and “sell their market” or whether they do so because wearing bras makes them feel uncomfortable.


Solomon tweeted this question in response to the ongoing discussion on Twitter about women who say they dislike wearing bras because they are uncomfortable.

“Some women say that they don’t wear bras because it’s uncomfortable, but some of these women wear tight waist trainers that leave them gasping for air. They wear dresses with uncomfortable corset,” he wrote.

“So, is not wearing bras really about it being uncomfortable or you wanting to be indecent by leaving your boobs bare, with your nipple print visible, because you’re selling your market? The intellectual dishonest is quite clear.

“I do not dismiss that some women genuinely find bras uncomfortable, however, any woman who believes in decency will find an alternative. Boob tapes or explore other bra types. Just cover your boobs and your nipples, it is a private part.

“Again, a woman who really want to be immodest will always find reasons to be. And a woman who wants to be modest will also find reasons to uphold decency.

“All of a sudden our generation is the generation that is encountering all the discomfort the older generation didn’t encounter? How did much older women survive in their time? They wore bras. If not, I’m sure they never flaunted nipples.

“The main thing here is lack of shame in this generation. It’s tacky and really tasteless to move around braless, with your boobs almost out and visible nipples.

“One day, children will wake up and say they can’t wear clothes again, because it’s uncomfortable, and they’d rather go to school naked. When you challenge them, they’ll scream mental health. It’s a mad generation, and I’m genuinely concerned that Christians are conforming.”



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