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I couldn’t go a day without snorting cocaine or smoking wee, a former drug user says


The story of Agnes Duse, a former drug addict, describes how she lost her youth by being hooked to cocaine and pee.

Aduse, who revealed this while sobbing in an interview with Kwaku Manu on his Aggressive Show, which was seen by GHBREAKINGNEWS.COM, claimed that her previous way of life nearly killed her.


She claims that she developed the practise of smoking wee before meals because it was widely believed by her classmates in her old community that doing so may cause one to eat extremely substantially and healthily.

I once heard that if you consume marijuana, you eat incredibly well. I started living that lifestyle of smoking before meals. Even my mother knew I was doing it, she said, according to the presenter.

After that, Aduse said, “My very good friend also introduced me to sniffing all types of cocaine.”

“Then, a very close buddy of mine introduced me to cocaine sniffing. I was informed that sniffing cocaine will help you sleep better. She then purchased some so I could sample it. I did have a good night’s sleep that day.

“We continued to travel from Suame to Amakom only for cocaine. My mum continued investigating after I eventually become really slender. I was advised to emigrate from Colombia to Alabar and Krobecause there supplied high-quality cocaine.

“Even though I had a place that I rent, I wasn’t sleeping there. You put such thoughts out of your mind after taking a cocaine sniff. Cocaine, in my opinion, has a spiritual foundation, she said.

Aduse claimed it required being hospitalised for three weeks to get her to stop following such lifestyle after several unsuccessful attempts by her mother and relatives to assist her.

“As a result of the cocaine sniffing, I even had high blood pressure. When I visited Tafo Methodist Hospital, the staff there advised me that I needed to use oxygen, but I chose not to.

I couldn’t see things well, therefore I was recommended to KATH. A number of drips were given to me while I was being held. My heart had swelled in a certain area, according to the physicians, as a result of taking medicines. It took me three weeks to visit.

I then made the decision to stop sniffing cocaine because of how the nurses treated me and how much money my brother spent in the hospital.

“That choice was made one year ago. The desire to always turn around has been strong, and it hasn’t been easy. She said, “But I’m adamant.

Aduse went on to say that she has changed and is committed to stay away from her previous habits.


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