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I almost cried after female fan grabbed my manhood – Popular musician


The sexual abuse that Nigerian artist Michael Adebayo Olayinka, also known as Ruger, experienced at a concert in 2022 has finally been handled.

The singer described the encounter as agonizing in an interview with Naija FM in Lagos, more than a year after the occurrence.


He explained that “the lady didn’t just touch my manhood; she pressed it. It was so painful. It wasn’t sexy because of the aggressive nature of Nigerian girls.”

Ruger claimed that while being serenaded by fans at his concerts makes him happy, this particular incident was very uncomfortable.

He continued by saying that the fan who had touched him had not offered an apology.

“During my international shows, I enjoy ladies serenading me but that Nigerian lady grabbed my manhood aggressively. The way she grabbed it I felt pain in my stomach. I almost cried,” Ruger said.

A video of the Nigerian Afrobeats musician being sexually assaulted on stage surfaced in May 2022.

While the 24-year-old performer was belting out his popular song Dior, a fan from the audience reached out and grabbed his crotch.

He paused his act for a few seconds, clearly astonished, and then walked off stage.

An internet discussion concerning male victims of sexual assault was spurred by the video.

“Watched the sexual assault video of Ruger and I feel traumatized too. It’s so scary, the man was just performing his craft and someone took away his joy and peace. Imagine other men that go through worse daily but can’t say because the world would mock them,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“The world is so rigged against men when it comes to sexual things we think it’s always initiated by men and they couldn’t have been wronged. Many a man lost their innocence to older women but they keep living with it because nobody listens to them,” another said.



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