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Honored as 2023 Peki Icon Talent are three young indigenous people


At the Peki Avetile Community Center, three young Peki natives who excelled at the 2023 Edition of the Annual Peki Icon Talent in the South Dayi Constituency were recognised.

The victors were Ms. Evelyn Yayra Darkey, who won the competition overall. Ms. Eugenia Dadzo and Master Kelvin Jordan were named as the first and second runners-up, respectively.


Ms. Darkey, a native of Peki-Blengo, received a trophy, a check for GH 700, an electric iron, exercise books with the Peki Icon logo, supplies from Promasidor, and Special Ice Sweet drinks as souvenirs as part of her prize package.

Master Jordan from Peki-Tsame won a cash prize of GH 500, an electric iron, Peki Icon-branded exercise books, Promasidor supplies, and Special Ice sweet drinks as souvenirs. Ms. Dadzo, also from Tsame, won a cash prize of GH 300, an electric iron, Peki Icon-branded exercise books, Promasidor supplies, and Special Ice sweet drinks.

All of the other candidates received promotional Peki Icon exercise books, Promasidor snacks, and Special Ice Sweet drinks as prizes.

The event featured a variety of abilities, including singing, poetry readings, art, cultural displays, and dancing.
The Peki Icon is a talent-discovery initiative that was started by Mrs. Fafa Bankas, the executive director of Lotus International Foundation, around five years ago.

The South Dayi Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) for the National Democratic Congress, Mr. Rockson-Nelson Este K. Dafeamekpor, has been the event’s annual co-sponsor for the past five years. Through collaboration, he has uncovered many talents among the children and teenagers living in the Peki neighbourhood.

Especially during festive events like Christmas, Easter, and Yam Festivals, Peki Icon Talent is held.
The latest in a long line of activities held over the Easter Season is this year.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr. Dafeamekpor pleaded with all parties to unite in support of the youth in the constituency’s brighter future.

Therefore, he challenged the young people to aim higher than their awards and pursue academic distinctions that would elevate their community.

Promasidor Ghana Limited and Mr. Dafeamekpor, the MP, are steadfast sponsors of the event, which is being organised by Mrs. Fafa Bankas, executive director of Lotus International Foundation.


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