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Gunshots at Nsawam Adoagyiri… One killed, several others injured


In a gunfight in Adoagyiri in the Eastern area, at least one person has been shot to death and a number of others have been hurt.

The dead Richard Asirifi, who was thought to be 30 years old, was a member of the recently appointed chief of Adoagyiri Barima Adu Korkor ll’s retinue. According to the information at hand, Barima Adu Korkor ll’s cousin Odehye Asirifi.


A report claims that following the new chief’s pledge of loyalty to the Okyenhene Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin on Tuesday afternoon, followers of Barima Adu Korkor lll had arrived from Kyebi.

Richard Asirifi was shot in the chest and killed at the scene while the squad was being pursued by followers of the opposing chief, Okoanadwo Afutu Dompreh, as they were marching closer to the Palace of Barima Adu Korkor ll.

According to the report, a number of individuals were hurt during the event, including Daniel Okyere, who may have lost his right eye.

James Afekye and Emmanuel Adu both suffered injuries of varying severity and have been admitted to the Nsawam government hospital.

In connection with the chieftaincy standoff in Adoagyiri, this is the second person to be shot and killed in a span of two months.

D. M. Ofori Atta, state secretary for Akyem Abuakwa State, told the media that the Nsawam District Police commander cannot be absolved of responsibility for the altercation that left Richard Asirifi dead and numerous others hurt.

He said that although the police commander watched as Barima Adu Korkor supporters were fired at, he disallowed them from defending themselves as required by law.

He continued by saying that the death of Odehyee Kwame Sarkodie was caused by the Nsawam District Police Commander’s failure to act upon information of threats made against members of the Dwumana Royal family.

D.M. Ofori Atta claims that the police have so far been unsuccessful in apprehending and prosecuting the offenders.

He figured six people in the Tuesday shooting incident and called on the security agencies to take action.








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