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GPRTU threatens to increase transport fares by 60% over Emissions Levy Bill


The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has vowed to raise transportation rates by 60% in 2024, when the Emission Levy Bill goes into force in January 2024.

Abass Imoro, the GPRTU’s Spokesperson, stated this in an interview with JoyNews.


The Emissions Levy Bill, which was enacted by Parliament, levies a yearly tax of 100 cedis on all petrol and diesel automobile owners beginning in January 2024.

The goal of this tax is to encourage the use of ecologically friendly energy sources for vehicle power, in line with the government’s commitment to climate-positive policies and carbon offset schemes.

According to Mr Imoro, the Union is already taxed to the point where adding another tax would be detrimental.

He stated that the Union has written to the Speaker of Parliament requesting that the House reconsider the Emission Levy Bill.

He said, “In the letter, we indicated that if nothing is done about it, we will increase lorry fare by not less than 60%.”

This move, he claims, is to help drivers cope with the fiscal strain that the new levy may impose.

Previously, the Minority in Parliament opposed the passing of the Emissions Levy Bill, claiming that the levy was poorly thought out.

They referred to the fee as a “wusie tax,” claiming that it would exacerbate the country’s already precarious economic condition.

However, in support of the measure, Energy Minister Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh stated that the world is moving away from internal combustion cars and that this new bill would help to propel the country to the new era of electric vehicles.



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