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Government stops hosting of ‘The Convention’ in Accra


The New Africa Foundation, organizers of ‘The Convention,’ a Pan-African gathering scheduled for January 7 at Accra’s Black Star Square, has announced that the event has been canceled.

According to a press release sent by the organizers late on January 7 evening, the event, entitled ‘Igniting the Voices of Africa,’ was canceled by the government.


“We regret to inform you that the Government has cancelled the above Pan African Event which was to take place today at the Independence square in Accra, Ghana. All the special guests have arrived and thousands of people have come from all over Ghana as well as around the globe for this historic event.

We were only told of the cancelation of this event a few hours before it was scheduled to begin. The government authorized this event for November 2023. This surprised us and devastated our dignitaries and distinguished visitors who had flown here from all around the world,” the statement read.

As a result, the organizers apologized for the recent development.

P.L.O.Lumumba of Kenya, Peter Obi of Nigeria, Julius Malema of South Africa, and Dr. Arikana of Zimbabwe were among the notable African figures set to speak at the event.

Meanwhile, the Office of the President’s Diaspora Affairs Directorate has revealed why the initiative was canceled.

According to Dr. Nadia Adongo Fynn, Deputy Director of the Diaspora Affairs Directorate, the decision to cancel the authorization granted for organizing the event was forced by a “unforeseen” state event set to take place at the same location.

In a press release, Dr. Fynn stated, “We write to revoke immediately the permission granted per our letter No.OP/PH/02 dated November 11, 2024, which approved your request to use the Black Star Square for the above event.

“This decision has been necessitated by an unforeseen State Event scheduled to take place at the venue.”





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