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GNFS declares Accra-Tema motorway tollbooth as deathtrap


The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) Motorway Fire Station’s Urban Search and Rescue team has reported that an accident that occurred at the Accra-Tema highway toll booth over the weekend resulted in one fatality and five injuries.

According to an interview with the Ghana News Agency with the Tema GNFS Public Relations Officer, DO Ill Ebenezer Yenzu, there were two distinct incidents on September 3, 2023.


He said the first incident involved a diesel fuel tanker with the registration number GN 7751-20 that was carrying crude and smashed into one of the locked tollbooths on the Accra to Tema route around 05:45 hours (approximately 3 weeks) on Sunday.

He said that the tanker was headed in the direction of Tema when the driver was killed in the collision with the toll booth.

The driver was saved, and medical attention was given to him at Tema General Hospital.

According to DOIII Yenzu, the second accident involved a DAF trailer with the license plate GE1621-12 that was pulling an empty 40-foot container and collided with the toll booth at the same site at around 23:45 the same day. The driver was left trapped inside.

He said that the rescuers made touch with the Tema Regional Sub-station and the National Ambulance Service under the supervision of Assistant Divisional Officer Grade Two Enoch Badu Essel.

The truck’s three occupants were sent to the hospital.

Before they were able to remove the stranded driver from the damaged car, his right limb had been broken.

Between June 2022 and September 2023, there were 17 occurrences at the tollbooths that happened after midnight or in the evening, according to DOIII Yenzu.

He said that two accidents happened on the Accra end and fifteen on the Tema end.

He went on to say that the occurrences happened because of poor lighting and the markers going to the toll booth, and he urged for more warning signs and illumination.

He said that placing lighting in the general vicinity of the toll booth may stop incidences of this nature.




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