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Ghana lowers one spot in the most recent FIFA World Rankings


In the most recent Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) World Rankings, which were issued on Thursday for April, Ghana lost one spot.

Ghana dropped out of the top 10 countries in Africa and is currently placed 11th in Africa and 60th in the world with 1396.01 points.


Due to its recent disappointing results, the West African country, a powerhouse in football, fell out of the top 10 in the continent.

With 1677.79 total points after their stunning performances in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the international friendlies against Brazil last month, Morocco is the top team in Africa and ranked 11th in the world.

Senegal, in second place with 1613.21 points, and Tunisia, in third place with 1535.76 points, follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup semi-finalists.

Egypt is in fifth place with 1500.67, followed by Algeria in fourth place with 1504.18, and Nigeria in sixth place with 1480.8.

Ivory Coast is in first place in Africa with 1449.95 points, followed by Burkina Faso in second place with 1433.91 points, Mali in third place with 1430.75 points, and Cameroon in seventh place with 1470.21 total points.

Argentina, the defending world champions, is once again at the top of the global standings with 1840.93 points, followed by France in second place with 1838.45.

Following a recent international friendly loss to Morocco, Brazil is currently in third place with 1834.21.

The remaining top 10 nations include Belgium, England, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.


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