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Funny Face Poured His Heart Out For Help And All You Could Give Was 1K – Asamoah Gyan Dragged Over His Stinginess


Former Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan has launched a campaign to raise funds for troubled Ghanaian comic Funny Face, who is now facing financial difficulties.

Over the weekend, Asamoah expressed on social media that he was moved to help Funny Face with GHC 1000 after pouring out his heart.


According to Asamoah Gyan, he spoke with Funny Face over the phone after the actor revealed on social media that he is broke and battling to recover.

Gyan said that Funny Face had run him down about the real situation he was having, so he was moved and handed him GHC 1000.

He then posted Funny Face’s phone number online so that his supporters could bless him with whatever they could afford.

However, some individuals are not thrilled with Asamoah Gyan’s offer.

According to them, the former player is more than capable of assisting Funny Face with his issues, but he opted to gift him $1,000.

What puzzles them is that Asamoah Gyan professed to be affected, yet he simply handed him GHC 1000, which is little in the current economy!

Some people praise Asamoah Gyan for helping Funny Face during these trying times, while others criticize him for being extremely stingy!

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