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Fresh trouble for Xandy Kamel as ex-husband drags her on social media


King Kaninja, the actress Xandy Kamel’s ex-husband, has retaliated against her after it was claimed that their two-year marriage ended due to his careless behavior and infidelity.

His most recent outburst stems from an interview that Xandy did on Delay Show, in which she said, among other things, that she was the family’s primary provider, that she rented the home, and that she handled all of the household expenses.


Additionally, she said that two years after getting married, her account balance had dropped to just little over GH¢100 from over GH¢30,000.

Xandy also talked about how the violence she experienced in her marriage prevented her from being pregnant twice.

“I was still in my wedding gown when marital issues started. People started calling to inform me they have a thing with my husband. The most I’ve been happy in my marriage is 5 minutes. We barely even had sex. I think we made love just about 6 times in our one year of staying together,” a somber Xandy revealed.

Kaninja, in reaction, assert that Xandy’s excessive attention to her lesbian lovers caused the marriage to fail.

He said that his ex-wife’s victimization is really a front for her embarrassment.

Xandy, according to Kaninja, is unfit for marriage as she is incapable of even sweeping or making her own bed.

He even said that Xandy’s mother was handling household tasks.

Kaninja, who had chosen to remain silent, claimed he was compelled to clear his name.

He claims that he has been silent because he didn’t want to draw attention to himself as his ex-wife is.

“The reason I don’t give attention to some of this news is that eagles & pigs are not course mate. Pigs always enjoy playing in the mud so there is no need to follow them there. Once you follow them, you also become dirty like them” he fumed.

If Xandy doesn’t stop, Kaninja threatened to reveal all of the bombshells.


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