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“For the core math, I didn’t use a calculator” – Tyron Marghuy


Tyron Marghuy, a Ghanaian ratafarian student who became renowned for his legal battle with Achimota School over his dreadlocks, made news after posting the results of his West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE), in which he received 8As in General Science.

A video of him checking his results online with pals went viral on social media, and he received numerous compliments for his academic performance.


During an interview on (formerly Twitter), he revealed that he did not use a calculator while writing his favorite subject, Core Maths paper, a statement that has set tongues waging on the internet as some users believe it is difficult to make a C6 even while working with a calculator.

“My favourite is math, so, at some point, I didn’t want to mention it. For the core math, I didn’t use a calculator. My thing is that with the way I love math, I want it to be memorable so that one day, if I sit down, I will say, you know, Tyron, you did try your best,” he said.

Tyron Marghuy, a Ghanaian kid, rose to prominence after a court struggle with Achimota School over his dreadlocks. He was initially denied admission to the school in 2021, citing his hairdo as a breach of the institution’s guidelines.

Marghuy and another Rastafarian student, Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea, sued the school, citing discrimination and violations of their human rights.

The High Court found in their favor, ordering that they be admitted to the institution.

Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea, on the other hand, was able to acquire a scholarship to attend Ghana International School, while Tyron Marghuy attended Achimota School.

Marghuy sat for his end-of-term test just hours after being hospitalized, marking a crucial milestone in his path.

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