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Fidelity Bank invites candidates to serve as mentors for young businesspeople


The Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Mentorship Programme (FYEMP), run by Fidelity Bank, is now accepting applications from mentor candidates.

The Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (FYEI), the bank’s premier programme for encouraging young people to start businesses, includes the FYEMP as a vital component.


The FYEI project, which offers both financial and non-financial support to help youth-related enterprises survive and develop, was introduced by the bank in March 2021.

The bank stated in a press statement that the FYEI concentrated on scalable firms that were resolving social issues, with a special emphasis on those achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Together with its partners, Fidelity Bank “offers financial support and specialised training programmes to strengthen and expand particular businesses that meet the program’s requirements.”

A crucial part of the FYEI is mentoring, which is done through the FYEMP in collaboration with Mowgli Mentoring, a well-known mentoring institution with headquarters in the UK.

Teenage empowerment
Fidelity Bank’s managing director, Julian Opuni, stated that the bank was devoted to developing young business owners and entrepreneurs as engines for Ghana’s social and economic development.

The Fidelity Young Entrepreneurs Mentoring Programme (FYEMP), according to him, was created to strengthen the Fidelity Young Entrepreneur’s Initiative.

“The goal of FYEI is to support youth-led businesses as they navigate the particular difficulties associated with expanding their operations. “Mentoring is an essential component of this process, and we are inviting business leaders who want to mentor a youth-led business to apply for this programme, along with our partners,” he said.

Nana Yaa Afriyie Ofori-Koree, Head of Partnerships, Sustainability, and CSR at Fidelity Bank, added that FYEMP aimed to team up young company owners with seasoned industry leaders and mentors who would act as business coaches.

The bank acknowledged, in her account, that there were many significant obstacles in the way of young entrepreneurs achieving their business goals and strategies.

This programme, in her opinion, was developed to get around such challenges and offer the essential guidance.

She continued, “A team of successful business leaders, management specialists, and entrepreneurs who have walked the walk will be on hand to offer invaluable advice and expertise.

According to the press release, mentees taking the course get advice from an experienced and certified mentor who will stand shoulder to shoulder with them and serve as their mentor, confidant, and supporter.

In addition, they grow in self-awareness and acquire vital management and leadership abilities. Mentors who are interested can visit the bank’s website to submit an application by May 14, 2023, it continues.


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